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Because we know that manners matter… All breed dog training by ABC!

In-home dog training lessons

We offer customized in-home dog training lessons for clients located in Orange and Los Angeles Counties. One of our trainers can meet you and your dog in your home and design a training program to fit your needs. We can either train you to train your own dog, or we can come by several times per week to train your dog for you. Prices and programs vary so please call for a phone consultation to for an estimate.

training1We can assist with:

Breed selection
Puppy selection
Nipping and chewing
Destructiveness in the house
Jumping up
Food stealing/Counter surfing
Leash pulling (teaching heel)
Running away (teaching recall)
Basic Obedience
Off leash obedience
And more . . .

A Better Canine Training Camp by ABC

training2ABC Puppy Training is located in beautiful Southern California, on 3 fully fenced acres.

We are proud to offer you our exclusive board training program. This program is a complete training program in that we cover all obedience commands and behavior problems in one program. In other words, you send us your dog, and we send you back a happy, well adjusted, obedient family member. ABC Puppy Training has been training all breeds of dogs since 1979.

Due to our high volume of calls regarding this program, we have added a question and answer section to cover some of the basics. If you have a question that is not covered in this section or if you just want to speak with one of our professional trainers, please give us a call and we will be happy to speak to you.

How is your program different than other programs?

training3Our program differs from others in that each dog is treated like a family member. Dogs enrolled in our camp will live with us, in our house full time (not in a kennel or dog run). They are hugged and petted as much as our own pets and they each receive individual attention. Our theory is that for a dog to be a well adjusted, obedient family member, they have to be treated that way during their training process.

Other board training programs leave your dog in a kennel or dog run while they aren’t working with them. Dogs enrolled in ABC Puppy Training’s program are always underfoot, and therefore, always being trained. For the family pet, learning to calmly hang out in the house with the family is just as important as the mechanics of sit and stay.

What are your methods of training?

We only use gentle, reward based methods. Our dogs mind their family because they love them and want to please then, not because they fear a painful correction. Once trained, a “good dog”, and a pat on the head is all the reward they need.

Who can go to canine training camp, and what commands do you teach?

training4Any breed of dog, and any puppy over 8 weeks of age can go to camp! We can train dogs 8 weeks to 18 years. Our methods are gentle enough to train toy breeds and 8 week old puppies, and effective enough to train the largest, toughest breeds of dogs. You can even send us your new puppy straight from the breeder.

In addition to the basics (house manners, heel, sit, stay, and come), our program can solve most behavior problems. If your dog has behavior problems, please call us to discuss them so that we can determine if your dog is a candidate for our canine camp program.

Our program is open to dogs anywhere in the United States or Canada.

Do you train all breeds of dogs?

Yes. In addition to specializing in sporting breeds we are experienced with all breeds of dogs. We have been training since 1979, so we have seen it all! Our methods work just as well on toy breeds as they do on giant breeds of dogs. All dogs respond well to respect and affection.

If I send my dog to you, what will his/her day be like?

training5Your dogs daily activities will include formal training time, playtime with our Golden Retrievers (if your dog is size appropriate, toy breeds do not play with the big dogs), relaxation time in the house with us, and private walking time with us in the miles of wildlife area and hiking trails behind our house.

We aim for our program to be fun for dogs so that they stay focused. Because the dogs are always with us and being supervised, they are constantly being rewarded for good behavior and corrected for bad (for instance, even if we are on a fun walk, they still have to come back when called, and heel when people or horses pass us).

While your dog is with us he/she will have plenty of time to romp and play too. Our house is located on 3 fully fences acres, and 1,000 feet from miles of horse and hiking trails. We even have a pool for dogs that like to swim!

How long will my dog need to stay with you, and what will this program cost?

Our program length ranges from 8 to 12 weeks, depending on your dog’s training needs. When you call to speak with us we can give you an estimate based on your dog’s prior training, personality, and behavior problems.

How does my dog get to you?

We are experienced in shipping animals through the airlines. We will plan your dog’s travel itinerary for you. All you will have to do is get a health certificate from your veterinarian, and drop your dog off at the airport.

For our local clients, we offer pick up and delivery anywhere in Southern California.

What if I want a trainer to deliver my dog to me?

If you are located in the Southern California area we will deliver your dog to your home and work with you to teach you how to retain your dog’s training at no additional charge.

If you are located outside of Southern California, you may come here for lessons, or we can send video tutorials to help you transition your dog back into your home. If you would like us to personally return your dog to you and give your family training lessons, we can do so for an additional cost.

Do you guarantee your work?

training6Yes! If at any time you feel your dog needs more training, ship your dog back to us at your cost, (free local pick up and delivery), and we will brush up his/her training, charging you only our regular boarding rate. If you are happy with your dog’s training and you decide to board with us while you are on vacation, we will still work with your dog several times per day while they are here so that when you return home your dog’s training will be as good as or better than when you left.

Do you have references?

Yes! Please give us a call and we can refer you to many clients throughout the United States happy with our work.

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