Welcome to ABC Golden Retrievers

Our trained adult Golden Retrievers are wonderful family companions that are raised in our home with children, other dogs and cats. Our dogs spend virtually all of their time loose in our home interacting with our family and guests. We are a “kennel free” home and we feel that the best way to produce a calm and well behaved family pet is for them to be treated as a family member during their training and socialization process. We only raise a few Golden Retrievers at a time in order for them to receive a maximum amount of attention and training time. Because we spend so much time training and socializing our dogs in different environments, (playgroups, sports games, restaurants, parks, airports, etc.), each dog is reliably off leash obedience trained in any new environment that they encounter. Our Golden Retrievers are also housebroken and have excellent house manners and car manners.

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